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Running HR Kit

Reference: UBANDFHRS-BLE/002

This kit of training sports, ideal for running, includes the cardio iMaze belt which connects directly via Bluetooth® 4.0 to your iPhone® 4 S / 5 / 6 or to your smartphone Android® 4.3, and the sport iMaze cuff. Measure your heart rate, get statistics, and progress during your workouts to walk, bike or other with the iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android app!

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Running, sports outdoor and indoor

Measure your sporting activity on your smartphone

Simple and complete system, to practice occasionally or to train, at any time, safely and without disconnect from the modern world.

Measure your pace heart and much more!

To track, record your performance, manage your condition and optimize your training.

Install the iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android application and connect your Bluetooth® belt to your smartphone. You will get one of the most powerful sports management market GPS systems, without investing in hardware too expensive.

Sync with iMaze Cloud

Sign up for free online or directly from your app, all your statistics will now be available online anytime. You can view from the application, a tablet or a computer.


Share with your family and friends. You don't need to register for another community - comment, encourage, and sign in with your personal networks on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.


The HR strap belt connects to iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android app or the dozens of other specialized applications for almost any sport like running, cycling, hiking, or strength training. Whatever your sport or activity, iMaze and partners cover you.


Your device must be compatible Bluetooth® 4.0. The Fitness HR strap belt works with iPhone® 4 S, the iPhone® 5 / 5 S/5 c and the iPhone® 6, the latest generation of iPad and iPod, as well as all smartphones equipped with Android® 4.3 or higher. Just install the iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android application and activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone (a reboot of your phone may be necessary).

The running and sports outdoor universal iMaze kit is compatible with iOS and Android applications. See our compatible Applications page.




After you set the strap and moistened the 2 conductive pads, clipper just the belt. She is comfortable, ultra thin and light... and adjustable to fit men, women or anyone with heart!


The sports medicine proved how it was important to maintain a heart rate that is appropriate during the year.

For most people, remain in the area target 50%-80%, will be more effective for burning fat and calories. Punctuate your workouts in the appropriate target area will help you avoid overtraining and you will help achieve your goals faster and more surely.