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Pocket Mate

Reference: TAG5-BLE/001-BL

Now, your smartphone and your valuables are secure against loss and theft. You and your friends are immediately notified as soon as your devices are separated...

This product only works with iOS8 or lower

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Distress system, tracing and loss prevention and tracing for Smartphone

Unbeatable security for your peace of mind for you and devices. Keep your phone and your belongings secure against loss and easy to find - protect the things you love.

Small and simple

Attach the mate Pocket on anything of value that you might lose or forget like keys,wallets and bags, or drop it in your pocket or your bag.


Pocket mate 1
your key
out of reach
Pocket mate 2
my wallet
whitin reach
Pocket mate 3
my bag
whitin reach

Connect up to 5 Pocket mates

Your phone or Tablet represents both a tool and an investment. We have designed Mate Pocket to provide a safe area for your smartphone and your valuables. This digital device tracking and alert you ensure that you and your phone are never separated. 

Be alerted anytime, anywhere

If the Pocket Mate goes outside the safe-zone, you will get notified by alarms of loss prevention. The phone and your mate Pocket sound, letting you know any separation between one and the other.

Find your valuables in the safe zone

Looking for your keys at home! Trigger the beep of the mate Pocket from the application. If you can hear it, you can find it!

Recording of the last known position

In case your valuables leave the established safety zone, they can be located easily through the application that remembers the last known position of the associated mate Pocket.

Effective distress system

No longer afraid to stroll or running alone at night or in little traffic areas. Take your mate Pocket with you, it is light and discreet.

In case of problem, drop the mate Pocket on the ground behind you, your friends or your family will be automatically alerted of your position *.See also our fixing for smartphone solutions.

* Keep the Pocket Watch in hand, set the alert on Low distance and activate the connection to social networks.

Your smartphone

Your device must be compatible Bluetooth® smart. The mate Pocket works with iPhone® iPhone® 4S 5 / 5 S/5 c and the latest generation of iPod touch® and iPad®. 4.4.2 Android smartphones are compatible. Simply install the application from the Apple Store or the Google Play SmartMate, and activate the Bluetooth® function.

Your Pocket Mate

The mate Pocket is lightweight, thin, resistant to splashes and works more than 6 months with the same battery. It is provided with the fittings (cord, wrist strap and carabiner).

Press to connect

Hold the Pocket Watch near your phone, press the button for 6 seconds, the app connects automatically once you have confirmed the match.You can then name, add comments and a photo identification of the marked value object.You then reconnect it by clicking on its button.

All the features of the SmartMate app

Press to see the detailed parameters of this tag
Find tag
Press to find your mate Pocket in the security zone

Indicates if the mate Pocket is connected, disconnected, out of reach or in the security zone


Your list of tags

Name of tag

Click to mute the loss of connection on the phone alert


Update position
Save the geolocation of the mate Pocket

Battery indicator



Certified Bluetooth 4.0

Adjustable tracking distance: 15 m

Replaceable battery CR2025

Impermeability IPX3

Dimensions (Lxwxh): ~ 50x32x5mm
Net weight: ~ 28g: ~ 8 g + 12 g (cord) + 8g (carabiner)
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C

Accessoires : Mousqueton + lanière et cordon

International: CE, FCC, RoHS

(1) power indicator light (red)
(2) push button
(3) open the battery compartment
(4) the lanyard hole
(5) alarm