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The smartwatch multi-sport WatchZ is a complete training tool for his sports room or outdoors. It includes a dual cardio fitness belt and an accelerometer of foot that measure your performance accurately and in time real (speed, distance, pace, heart rate, etc)Transfer of the sessions directly on smartphone.

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But also, connected advanced features, such as the notification of calls or sms, and all this with a record autonomy of several months. It does not require the use of the phone for training and can record up to 8 hours of consecutive data.

Heart rate monitor belt is also directly connected to the smartphone which allows the measure of the variability of heart rate for an assessment on a daily basis to your level of fatigue and stress with Zenn iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android application function. A real plus!


Through the use of Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy, the life expectancy of the battery of the watchZ is estimated at more than 6 months.

Now no need to run with your smartphone. Simply take your watch, it records up to 8 hours of data. When you get home, you can download your sessions on your smartphone or Tablet using Bluetooth with the application free iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android.No more clutter with cables for charging your watch after each training session or transfer sessions to your computer!


You're in a meeting? Your phone is inaccessible during your physical effort? Keep control with the WatchZ notification alerts.

At any time when your watchZ is paired to your smartphone, you can set the watchZ to receive notifications: ongoing call, email or sms received...



iMaze is aware that having a healthy lifestyle requires more that a simple monitoring of physical activity, also the cardio Fitness Dual belt is also a way to control accurate and approved physical well-being.

With a simple evaluation of a minute every morning at rest, the Zenn iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android application service calculates your heart variability and assigns you a number of points in the index of health Zenn, graduated from 0 to 100. More your health Zenn is high, the better you feel.

By following your health Zenn score on a daily or weekly basis, you can adjust your training load in order to optimize the results.


Connect a footpod to your watchZ and measure your speed and distance, even indoors.

Through the connectivity + ANT of the watchZ you can now obtain statistics during your workouts.The precision of the accelerometer of the footpod being better that that of the GPS, you will have more accurate data while avoiding to consume the battery of your smartphone.



The watchZ comes with a cardio Fitness Dual belt. You can display data from the heart rate both belt on your smartphone and on your watch. The watch and your smartphone can record your heart rate during your training history.


With his heart rate belt and the footpod, the watchZ offers accuracy , foolproof.

Are you tired of instability and the vagueness of your GPS? Thanks to the accelerometer of the footpod, the watchZ lets you get instantly and precisely, speed, distance covered, speed... etc. The connected heart rate belt gives you the true value of your heart rate (no random value based on an algorithmic calculation) and this continuous: for example you can do split sessions.


The use of the heart rate monitor belt is the best way to punctuate your workouts, to know when to speed up or slow down to keep a heart rate optimal target. Therefore, you enjoy these efforts, to reach your wellness goals faster, use fitness to, loss of weight, or competition.


You don't need to be an elite athlete to wear a heart rate monitor. In fact, your heart rate is an excellent indicator of your overall shape and an essential means to measure the intensity of your activity. If you do not manage your sporting life, you don't progress and risk getting tired or even you hurt.

Sync with iMaze Cloud

Sign up for free online or directly from your app, all your statistics will now be available online anytime. You can view from the application, a tablet or a computer.


 The sports medicine proved how it was important to maintain a heart rate that is appropriate during the year.For most people, remain in the area target 50%-80%, will be more effective for burning fat and calories.

Punctuate your workouts in the appropriate target area will help you avoid overtraining and you will help achieve your goals faster and more surely.

In the box

-1 sports watch connected
-1 belt cardio Fitness Dual
-1 accelerometer of foot speed and distance


-Certified Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) and ANT +: compatible with your cardio/speed/cadence cycling and running sensors walk
-Personal data (age, weight, size...)
-Heart rate zone
-Intermediate time (50 maximum)
-Calories burned
-Up to 8 hours of recording data
-Screen backlit
-Replaceable battery CR2032
-3 ATM water resistance
-Notification of alert (calls and messages) *.
-Recording of GPS waypoints * (50max)
-Variability of heart rate (R - R intervals) *.
-Sync smartphone via Bluetooth®

* Requires connection to a compatible smartphone not supplied
* Requires the connection of a remote GPS ANT + sensor (sold separately)
Direct measurement on Smartphone, without going through the watch

*** Mesure directe sur Smartphone, sans passer par la montre


Your device must be compatible Bluetooth 4.0. The Fitness cardio Fitness Dual belt works with iPhone iPhone 4S 5 / 5 S/5 c, the latest generation of iPad and iPod, as well as all smartphones equipped with Android 4.3 or higher.Just install iMaze Fitness iPhone/Android, activate the Bluetooth function and make you in the application.

Once the belt properly scope, 2 drivers well moistened pads, your pace heart rate appears automatically in the application.